A true American kachelofen.  This unique masonry heater features handmade ceramic kacheln.  The kachelofen is assembled in the traditional Austrian fashion but utilizes the latest engineered efficiency design.  This particular heater is about 86% efficient and is designed to heat the 1200 square foot space in which it sits. This kachelofen features two warm, earth-tone colors in the ceramics and very wide, jet-black, glossy granite heated benches. This photo embraces the Old-World feel of this magnificent masonry heater.  The handmade tiles provide uniquely warm character and look Another view highlighting the textures imparted by kachel, granite, and stucco.  The beauty of choosing kacheln for a masonry heater is that you can choose virtually any color you might like ranging from bright and vivid to subtle and gentle.  And the performance of such a heater is superior to most other typical masonry materials. A full perspective view captures all the varying elements of this completely custom design.  The heater exists as four levels – bench, firebox, front element, and side element in an asymmetric arrangement.  All are capped with granite and each element contains flues for heat accumulation and gentle radiant heat. The front of the wide, luxurious benches boasts a long sweeping curve.  A generous glass door front is perfect for evening fire viewing. A built-in set of granite shelves completes the tour of this unique masonry heater.  The shelf opening provides yet another surface from which to receive radiant heat.  Shelves and niches in a heater add extra utility to an already fantastic piece of functional art. The kachelofen is so much more than just a place for fire.