An outdoor wood-fired bakeoven is a versatile, fun, and durable appliance.  Though this one, built with reclaimed brick, is placed for outdoor entertaining, a similar oven can be built indoors as well.  Notice the hand chiseled rockface of all the limestone slabs of this project.  A generous wood storage area lies below the oven. Having built-in counter space and shelves provides a place for setting ingredients, for example, for pizza or bread making or simply a place to set the baked goods to cool as they come out of the oven.  Shelves provide convenient storage for pans, tools, or, again, ingredients for recipes. Though the door looks small, the oven here can hold about seven generous boules of artisan bread or several 10 inch pizzas.  Imagine cooking crisp pizzas in about 3 minutes; that's about 60 pizzas per hour!  That's a party! The simple brick arch over the door blends well with the generous 10 inch limestone shelf. Though this oven has a flat roof of limestone, I can also custom-build timber framed roofs over outdoor ovens for a real old-world appearance.